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Fun Games

If you feel bored and need some things to relax, this page full of fun games is the great choice for you. Click here now to enjoy these games for free!

New Fun Games

Ninja Run

87 % Liked 77 Plays

Beer Slide

89 % Liked 0 Plays

Mineblock Earth Survival

86 % Liked 97 Plays

Santa Xmas

96 % Liked 89 Plays

Painter Run

88 % Liked 91 Plays

Cube Shape Fit

91 % Liked 88 Plays

Speed Billiard

93 % Liked 103 Plays

Grumpy Cat Runner

92 % Liked 85 Plays

Speedy Paws

96 % Liked 87 Plays


83 % Liked 82 Plays

Supermarket Paws

82 % Liked 95 Plays

Box Runner

80 % Liked 89 Plays

Extreme Way

91 % Liked 90 Plays

Touchdown Rush

83 % Liked 0 Plays

Kogama Xmas Parkour

82 % Liked 90 Plays

Airport Rush

88 % Liked 93 Plays

Rail Slide

83 % Liked 85 Plays

Among Them Space Run

93 % Liked 80 Plays

Kawaii Jump

97 % Liked 96 Plays

Pet Runner

90 % Liked 81 Plays

Koala Sling

80 % Liked 78 Plays

Ball Obstacle Runner

88 % Liked 100 Plays

Kogama Build Up To Win!

85 % Liked 86 Plays

What are fun games?

Fun games are a fun and entertaining video game genre. These games often cause the player to laugh and they are mainly to reduce the stress in life. The humorous and surprise elements are always the key features of these games because they are always the easiest way which makes people feel happy. These elements can come from humorous graphics or interesting gameplay of the games.

In addition to the factors of humor and surprise, some fun games contain the element of violent. This element mainly comes from the whack games. Based on the causes of people's stress (maybe from the boss, teacher, thief, etc.), some developers created whack games to help the people reduce the stress.

In general, fun games are easy ones that are mainly for entertainment and do not require players to use the brain or fast reaction of hand and eyes to win the game.


Whack games

Whack game is considered as a sub-genre of the fun game because this game genre can help the players to reduce the bored and stress in their life. This game genre is designed based on the source of stress in life such as the stress from boss, teacher, ex-wife or husband, and bad guys like the thief or someone else that you hate, etc. and typically contains the element of violent. And the special point is that these games allow the players to whack, knock down, or even kill the person that they hate right in the game. This is a great way to help people reduce stress and feel happier without leaving any bad consequences in real life.

Traditional fun games

Traditional fun games are the games containing the humor or surprise elements. This game genre is quite popular and usually makes the players have to burst into the laugh when playing it. Owning the core features of a fun game, this game genre is very easy and simple to play with simple interface and humor visuals. The player won't neither have to think carefully before moving like some strategy, tactical, and puzzles game genres nor have to react rapidly like action games. All the thing they need to do in these games just is to click the mouse and enjoy the fun that these games bring.

Top 8 best fun games on Freegames66

1. Whack the Trump

Whack the Trump is one of the top high-rating fun games on Freegames66 that is received the rating 9.2 from the votes of our players. This game is so fun and promises to bring the player lots of burst into laughs when playing it. In this game, you will have a chance to whack the Trump and stop him from speaking in front of thousands of people through lots of humorous situations. In order to explore these interesting situations, you just click on the special item on the game screen, wait for the happen next, and enjoy the fun.

2. Kim Jong Un Funny Face

Kim Jong Un funny face is also a great game to relax. Dragging to the left or right any detail on the face of Kim Jong Un such as eyes, nose, mouth, hair, chin, etc to create a totally new face - humor and monstrous for President Kim Jong Un. This game surely will make you have to burst into the laugh with the results obtained. Moreover, after done the new face of President Kim, you also can press button Play to enjoy the special effects of the game. Very funny, isn't it?

3. Whack your boss

Whack your boss is also one of the best fun games and adored by lots of our gamers. Although owning lots of violent elements, however, just these elements make this game become so fun. In case you are under pressure from your boss, whack your boss is really a great game and a safe resolution for you to reduce the stress. In this game, you can comfortably take down your boss in many ways using various items around to relieve stress without causing any real damage.

4. Hen Coops

Hen Coops is also a high rating fun game on Freegames66. This game is so enjoyable and can help the players to test the sensitivity of their eyes. This game is very simple, there are three hens and one rooster in this game. First of all, the rooster will show you the location of the egg, after that, he will swap the position of the hens. The main mission of you in this game is to find out the location of the egg. The fun element of this game is its graphics and soundtrack. You will realize that the four chickens are very lovely and the game's sound is so great.

5. Hold your Drink

Hold your Drink is also a fun game to enjoy. Let's try the feeling of a drunk in this game and try to control a glass of beer. In this game, there is a drunken man holding a glass of beer, however, he is too drunk, he is sleepy, and he can't keep the glass of beer balanced anymore. Let's help him and have lots of great moments by moving your mouse to make the glass of beer balanced.

6. Punch Britney

Another fun game to enjoy is Punch Britney. This game is about the female singer named Britney and whether you love or hate her, you still can enjoy this game for fun. In this game, you will play the role of an audience (either fan or anti-fan of Britney) and do many interesting things with this singer. In detail, you will be able to ask her to dance or even slap, punch, kick, throw tomatoes or bottles at her. This game is so interesting and the reason makes it be listed on the list of fun games is that it can help the player reduce the stress.

7. Funny Melania Face

Similar to Kim Jong Un funny face, Funny Melania Face is also a great game to entertain. In this game, you also use your abilities of creative to drag the face of Melania into a monstrous and humor face. When you feel satisfied with the new face of Melania, you can print it out to stick to the wall or press the button Play to enjoy the special effect that this game offers.

8. Trump The Mexican Wall

This game is also an interesting game about President Trump to enjoy when you feel bored. Taking place in front of the White House, in this game, you will control President Trump and try to collect as many delegate votes as possible. However, your enemies are Hilary and Bernie, they try to kill you, so, you need to dodge all of their attacks while collecting the votes. The fun element in this game is its characters and the sarcasm about the 2016 presidential election of US.

What do we have at this site?

On Freegames66, we have gathered and selected various fun games for you to enjoy and help you to reduce the life stress. With a huge collection of the best fun games, we are confident that the stress or unhappy in your life will be blown far away from you when enjoying these games.

The advantages of Freegames66 are that we provide the players with a detail description, walkthrough, tips, and tricks for each game. This can help our users to enjoy the game easier and have much more interesting time on our site. Besides that, with a simple and friendly interface, you will feel so comfortable when playing games on Freegames66.

Above we are showing you 20 fun games including Trump The Mexican Wall, Whack the Trump, WHACK THE TERRORIST, Doodieman Voodoo, Kim Jong Un Funny Face, etc. In addition, there are still so many other fun games waiting for you to explore and all of them are free to play right on your browser, PC, or mobile devices.

Now, it is the time to blow away the bored and enjoy your life. Let's choose the best fun game and have a great time on our site!