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Whack Your Boss

Rating: 9.0

Votes: 363

Plays: 57.7k

About Whack Your Boss:

Whack your boss is a fun flash game that was created by Doodieman on November 11st, 2004. This game helps players to reduce their stress in life especially stress comes from their boss by allowing them to murder a virtual boss. As the message that you see when entering this game, whack your boss is a publish service, a place to manage your anger without harming a soul. With this humanities meaning, this game attracts millions of views and received lots of positive feedback from players. In addition, it also won the Daily Feature and Weekly Users' Choice Awards.

On Freegames66, Whack your Boss is one of most played games and receives rating 9.2 from players.

In addition to this version for the browser, this game also has an available for Android devices. If you want to play this game on your mobile device, you can download it from Google Play.


As mentioned above, this game is a safe place for people to reduce their stress in life. So, in this game, you will experience a very interesting feeling. You will become an office worker and your duty is to "whack your boss".

In detail, you will be sitting in a room with lots of objects around you. When you are working, your boss will go into the room. At this point, you will click on objects to knock down your boss. There are a total of 17 items that you can use to kill your boss. Each of them offers a different way but the common point between them is that all ways are very bloody. For example, if you choose a monitor, you will use it to hit the head of your boss repeatedly. Choose the umbrella, then you will use it to stab your boss.

After killing your boss, you will use headphones and listen to music freely. When enjoying enough, you can click on the button "Cleaner" on the game's screen to clean the room and find another item. When finding out all 17 items, you will win the game and of course, your stress is also reduced a lot.

The Kills

As mentioned above, there are 17 ways to kill the boss. And all of these ways will be listed below:

  1. Stapler: On the desk, you will see a stapler. Take it and hit the boss until he dies. And then, you can use the stapler to stick a staple on his forehead.
  2. The coffee mug: Use the coffee mug on the desk to hit the boss. Hit continuously on his head until he dies.
  3. Computer monitor: Use the computer monitor to slam over the boss several times. After that, when he is knocked out, throw this item at him with full force to reduce your stress.
  4. The garbage can: On your right, there is a garbage can. Let's use it and hit on the Boss's head. After that, pull it over his head, then use your knees to kick him until he dies.
  5. Ruler: Use the ruler and throw into the Boss's head like a shuriken. Surely he will die immediately.
  6. Fists: A simple way is to use your fists. Let's hit him to death with your fists.
  7. Keyboard: Use the keyboard to hit on your boss's head. Do it many times until the keyboard is broken in half. Take a half of keyboard and cram it into the boss's mouth until he dies.
  8. Umbrella: Take the umbrella on your right and puncture in his stomach is also a way to kill your boss.
  9. Scissors: Let's use the scissors to slit the boss's throat.
  10. You can launch yourself on the boss and drag him through another office. After that, kill him and make many witnesses run away and scream.
  11. Shelf draws: When the boss has had a thorough inspection of the files inside the drawers, let's shut the door to make his head stuck there until he dies.
  12. Briefcase: Use your own briefcase and hit on the boss until he falls down. When his head inside the suitcase, stamp on his head until he dies.
  13. Coat hanger: Grab the boss and spin him around the office. After that, he will hit the wall and the coat hanger there will hit his neck.
  14. Pencil: Take the pencil on the boss's hand and stab him in the back of his neck is also a great way.
  15. Wheeled chair and belt: Use the fists to hit the boss. After that, use your own belt to tie him to your wheeled chair. Then, push both him and the chair through the office. After that, crashing him through a large window.
  16. Shelf draw: There is a shelf draw on the wall in front of your face. Let's slam the boss's face into there until he dies.
  17. Water barrel: Slam the boss with a fist. After that, take the water barrel on the lobby to force it into his mouth. By this way, he can't breathe and will die.

How to Play:

  • Use the mouse to control in this game.

Tips and Tricks:

  • You can play this game in full-screen mode.
  • There are 17 ways to "whack your boss" in this game.
  • All the ways to kill the boss are above. If you still can’t find the location of these items, let’s see our walkthrough video below.

Whack the boss unblocked:

What an interesting game to play and reduce stress in life, right? Any time you feel there is too much pressure in your life, you can play this game to reduce them. And any time you want to play this game, you can play it for free on our site - Freegames66. Here, we offer you Whack the Boss unblocked game, so, you can access and enjoy this game anywhere you want even in your office - where the gaming sites are blocked.

Now, it is time to jump into the game world and find out all the ways to kill the boss. GO!