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Girl Games

This page consists of interesting girl games with full of categories such as dating, cooking, make-up, etc. If you're looking for girl games, click here now!

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Girls games are a video games genre that is created exclusively for young girls and usually focus on the girl's suitable themes such as make-up, fashion, dating, kid, wedding, etc. Appeared since the years of 1990s, until nowadays, so many girl games have been published to cater to the entertainment demand of thousands of young girls. Moreover, this game genre also developed rapidly in the last few years. Until this time, there are thousands of interesting girl games were released and this game genre also consists of many different sub-genres depending on the theme of the game. Some remarkable sub-genres of girl games are dating games, cooking games, make-up games, fashion games, manager simulation games, shopping games, and more.

What is a girl game?

A game will be determined as a girl game if it consists of some core elements such as theme, gameplay, and graphics that are suitable for young girls. In fact, it is not difficult to realize that young girls are interested in make-up, clothes, hair, cooking, love, etc and they tend to prefer beautiful and colorful things. For these reasons, a girl game is usually a game that revolves around some themes of girl and is designed with beautiful graphics. In general, girl game is a genre of video game usually being set in the themes that young girls pay attention to and designed with beautiful visuals.

Game design


The design of the character in a typical girl game is quite special. As mention above, the girls tend to love the beautiful and colorful things, for this reason, the characters in girl game are usually designed with beautiful faces and fashion clothes. Both female, male, and baby characters in girl games are designed in detail to make sure that they are beautiful and similar to the real people. Moreover, nowadays, the characters in girl games tend to be designed in anime style because this style makes the character become more beautiful.

Graphics and interface

Usually, graphics in girl games are designed colorful and the bright colors are the most used colors. Moreover, 3D graphics are the best choice for developers when developing a girl game because it offers great and realism visuals.

History of girl games

The girl game mainly appeared since the 1990s by some developers who specifically target girls when creating their game. A remarkable developer company of girl games was Purple Moon - "an American developer of girls' video games based in Mountain View, California" founded in 1995. This company has created a series of "coming-of-age games" called as "purple games". Developed based on a market research into the preferences and taste of young girls, these games were mainly about gossip, relationships, and makeup. For this reason, a short time after the release date, these games became popular and were quite adored by the female players. However, these games still didn't perform well commercially, so, Purple Moon was bought by Mattel in 1999.


As mentioned above, girl games genre is divided into so many different sub-genres depending on the theme of the game. So, there are lots of sub-genres of these games, let's continue reading to learn more!

Dress Up Games

Dress up game is a remarkable sub-genre of girl games and focuses on making the girl characters of the game become more and more beautiful by dressing them up with fashion clothes. In these games, the players are usually set in the role of a fashion designer or a fashionista with the main mission is to turn a normal girl into a beautiful girl or a queen of a gala or luxury party by using various fashion clothes and accessories.

Makeover Games

Beauty has always been something captivating and inspiring, especially for many girls, so, it is a big pity if ignore this genre when mentioning girl games. In fact, this game genre is so popular and adored by a huge number of young girls. In these games, the player is usually set in the role of a professional makeup artist with the main mission is to make-up for various characters in the game, turn them from normal girls become beautiful ones. In addition, the player also can be a hairstylist, spa staff, or fashionista in these games.

Dating Games

Dating games are also a notable sub-genre of girl games that are adored by lots of young girls. The games in this genre usually contain the element of romantic and simulate the dating progress in our real life. In these games, the player will play the role of a young female character, enjoy the beautiful life in the game, and have lots of romantic dates with the dreaming prince.

Wedding Games

Wedding games are also so popular. These games focus on all the activities to prepare for a wedding. The player will be set in the role of a young girl who is going to be a bride with the main mission is to prepare for the wedding day and make that day become a perfect day. These games simulate exactly what things that a bride needs to do, so, for each girl, this game genre is so cool and brings them lots of exciting moments.

Shopping Games

Shopping is the passion of most the young girls, so, it is also an interesting theme that the game developers want to exploit. In shopping games, the player can satisfy her passion, enjoy the emotions of using the money to purchase beautiful items, clothes, accessories, etc without worrying about money as in real life.

Cooking games

A sub-genre that we can't ignore when mentioning girl game is cooking games. This theme is very rich about gameplay and usually allows the player to play the role of a chef, or a staff in some restaurants, etc. The main mission of the player in these games is to cook the delicious dishes follow the recipes. Cake games are also a part of this game genre and emphasize the process of making a cake. The attraction of these games lies in beautiful graphics and lovely cakes.

Princess Games

Princess game may contain the element of dress up and beauty game, however, it mainly is about the life of a princess or queen. The player will experience the life of a princess and enjoy all the interesting things that the game offers. This game genre is quite large and consists of a huge number of game titles.

What do we have at this site?

On Freegames66, we have a huge number up to hundreds of interesting girl games for you to enjoy from all the sub-genres of these games such as Princess Games, Cooking games, Shopping Games, Dating Games, Beauty Games, Dress Up Games, etc. No matter what girl games are you looking for, you still can find them on our site. If you are looking for this game genre, surely Freegames66 is the right place for you to search and play your favorite game. Moreover, all the games on this site are updated weekly to make sure that we always have the best and the newest girl games to provide you. A special point is that all the games on our site are available to play right on your browser without installing any software or extension. You also can enjoy these games at wherever and whenever you want, and there is nothing can stop you.

Above, we show you 20 best girl games including Cinderella Twin Birth, Love Tester, Slacking School, BFFs House Party, Anna Pregnancy Tattoo Care, series dolphin shows, etc. In addition, there are lots of other interesting girl games that are waiting for you to explore. You can find all of them by move the next page or if you know any girl game, just enter the name on our searching item. Now, let's choose your favorite game and enjoy it!

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