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Car Games

If you're looking for free online car games, you'll find all of them here - from car racing games to the survival games against monsters. Click here to enjoy!

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Car game is a video game genre that focuses on all the aspects revolving around the car. Because it only emphasizes only one type of vehicle, so, the range of the car game genre is quite small. It can say that this game genre is a subgenre of driving games or racing games. Having a long history of development since the year of the 1970s, until nowadays, there were around 2500 car games released. This information can tell us that car games are adored by lots of players from around the world. In order to learn detail about this game genre, please continue reading below!

What is a car game?

A car game is a video game that revolves around the car or any types of four-wheel vehicles in which the player can play the role of a driver, a parking manager or control a car to complete all the game's quests. This game may be a racing car game, management simulator, driving car game, or any other themes relating to the car.

Popular types of car games

Survival driving games

This is an addictive genre of car games in which the player must control a car to overcome all the dangers surround and struggle to survival as long as possible. Usually, this game genre combines with the elements of zombies, disease and puts the player in the situation that he must drive a car to get out of the danger. A typical series game in this genre is Earn to Die.

Racing car games

Racing car game is an extremely popular subgenre of the car game in which, the player will control a racing car to participate in a racing league. Usually, this game genre allows the player to navigate and explore its world from the first-person or third-person perspective. Some remarkable names in this genre are super speed racer, speed rush, city car driving simulator, etc.

Car simulation games

This game genre is also quite popular in which, the player will be set in the role of a driver, a manager of a parking, or a staff in a garage, etc with the main mission is to earn as much money as possible. These games don't emphasize the element of driving but describe the work of a certain career. Some games in this genre are Sim Taxi Lotopolis City, Car Wash – SPA, Park Them All, etc.

History of car games

Car games have a long history of development since the year of the 1970s. The first game in this genre was released in 1974 by Atari called as Gran Trak. After that, there were lots of other games released. Some remarkable milestones in the development's history of this game genre are the release of Pitstop in 1983, Outrun in 1986, Chase HQ in 1987, and Hard Drivin in 1989. All of these games have the so important role and mark the new development of the car game genre.

7 best car games on Freegames66

1/ Super Speed Racer 

Super Speed Racer is an excellent game in the genre of car game that received high-rating and many plays from the players of Freegames66. In this game, the player will be set in the role of a racer with the main mission is to run to the destination as fast as possible. The attractive of this game is that there are lots of dangerous obstacles or trucks from the opposite direction can collide with the player's car. With addictive fast-paced gameplay and detail graphics, Super Speed Racer is really a great car game to play and enjoy.

2/ Splatped Evo

Splatped Evo is also another interesting car game that is adored by thousands of Freegames66's players. With detail graphics and beautiful scenes, this game allows the players to enjoy the emotion when driving in a city or a technical map, enjoy the roadside scenery and perform their skillful driving. This game receives high-rating from all the people who have played it, so, it is really a great game to play and enjoy.

3/ Madalin Stunt Cars 2

The most played car game on Freegames66 is Madalin Stunt Cars 2 and this game also receives high-rating from its players. In this game, the players will be set in the role of a professional racer, participate in lots of leagues, and show off their skillful of driving. A special point of this game is that it allows the players to do lots of cool-looking tricks with their car in the race track such as driving off ramps, spinning in the mid-air, etc. With good-looking visuals and enhanced mechanics, it is easy to understand the reason why this game is adored like that.

4/ Earn To Die series game

A remarkable series game that we can't ignore when mentioning the best car games on Freegames66 is Earn to Die. In this game, the player will be put in a dangerous situation - a strange land full of big and strong zombies. In order to survival, you must drive a car passing through all the difficult terrains and avoid all the attack of zombies to reach to the last army retreat flight. With a challenging but addictive gameplay, detail and realism visuals, and enhanced mechanics Earn to Die series game is really a great car game that people who love this genre can't ignore.

5/ Sim Taxi Lotopolis City

Another remarkable name in this list of the best car games on Freegames66 is Sim Taxi Lotopolis City. This is a car game that simulates the work of a taxi driver and also let the player play the role of a taxi driver too. The main mission of the player is to make as much money as possible by providing the customers with the best transport service. Moreover, this game also simulates many real situations in life such as the car run out of gas, broken, etc.

6/ Park them all

Park them all is also a great car game that receives high-rating from the players. In this game, the player will be set in the role of a car park keeper with the main mission is to park all the cars in the correct spots. With interesting gameplay and beautiful visuals, this game is adored by lots of people.

7/ Burnout Drift

Burnout Drift is also one of the most played games on Freegames66. With amazingly beautiful visuals and enhanced mechanics, this game offers the players with lots of exciting moments that they may have never seen before. In this game, the players will have a chance to participate in lots of monumental racing leagues with various super-cars and experience the emotion when racing in many different stunning roads. Moreover, they also can enjoy the unique effects like sunlight shining on the eyes or realism emotion when the car hit the obstacles, etc. With all these core features, Burnout Drift is really an excellent car game to play and enjoy.

What do we have at this site?

If you are a car lover and have a need for speed, surely you will love all the car games on Freegames66. No matter which types of car games are you looking for: up or downhill car racing game, stunts car racing, monster-car game, etc. you still can find all on Freegames66. In fact, with a huge number of interesting car games from all types of this genre, our site is the best place for you to enjoy your favorite game. Update daily all the new car games, consist of hundreds of car games for kids, provide with unblocked-version, and offer for free all of these games, so, we surely can satisfy all of your demand.

Above we are showing you 28 best car games including some remarkable names like road fighting, super speed racer, earn to die series game, death chase, etc. there are still many other ones waiting for you to explore. All of these games are selected carefully by our experienced editors, so, surely they are very interesting and deserved to try. Now, it is the time for you to enjoy your favorite car games, immerse deeply in the stunning world that these games bring, and enjoy your relaxing moments. Good luck!

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