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ET Game

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About ET Game:

Et game is a very interesting / 2D adventure game. Inspired by the Donkey Tong game but cosmopolitan, the galaxy makes players feel a lot more excited.

In the game, you are a Martian. Due to problems on the way back, the spacecraft had to make an emergency landing on a strange planet. It is a planet of ferocious monsters. You need to get the planet's tools to repair the spacecraft.

Your mission is to help that Martian destroy the monster to get fuel and help him return home. With a laser gun in hand, you need to watch carefully the enemy and find a way to overcome challenges and kill all fierce monsters.

The game has all 10 levels, the difficulty increases gradually with each level, the number of monsters will be higher and stronger. Be careful with those monsters! You will lose blood if you touch them. On the way, there are many treasures. Try to Collect it all to get the best performance. Note that with deep pits and traps on the road, you will die if you fall. The adventure will start over. This is a difficult challenge. Are you confident enough to overcome this challenge? Come on game to experience it! Let's go!

How to play:

  • Use the ARROW key to move
  • X key to shoot

Tips and Tricks:

  1. Destroy as many monsters as you will get more points
  2. Jump on the monster's head you can also destroy it.

ET Game Unblocked:

  1. ET Game Unblocked is now part of the rich game source at You can search for games by game category. There are many games for you to explore and experience. It will help you dispel fatigue a lot. Come experience!