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Chibi Hero Adventure

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About Chibi Hero Adventure:

Chibi hero adventure is an exciting and addictive action game. Once you get into the “bright world” of this game, you help to control a ninja who has to overcome all the traps while gaining as many coins as possible. There are many traps on the way that avoids him from gaining the last destination. They are including the boxes, the rocks, the holes and so on. If you drop into the hole, you will miss lives and lose the game.

There are several levels for you to pass through. Each time you pass 10 levels, the background of new levels will change. It can be changed to distinct backgrounds such as rocks, trees, and mountains. All of them will feature new and distinct shapes and rewards. So, you will never play the same stages. Moreover, the obstacles will increase through a level that makes you difficult to overcome.

Besides the obstacles, you need to take notice of the pirates which can kill your lives when you touch them. So, once you see them, you have to kill them as fast as possible. Moreover, through your way, there are many "gold boxes" which contain a lot of gold inside. But you have to jump up to touch these boxes. Thus, try to jump and earn as many coins as possible to be richer.

How to play:

  • Right arrow - run right
  • Left arrow - run left
  • Up arrow - jump
  • “X” - attack

Tips and tricks:

  1. Attack the pirates when you see them or they will kill you off
  2. Earn the coins as well as the stars to complete a level fully

Chibi Hero Adventure Unblocked:

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