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ATM Cash Deposit

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About ATM Cash Deposit:

Atm cash deposit is an addictive and fun adventure game. Once you get into the world of this game, you have to roam during the city and try to deposit cash in all ATM you see on the road. When you start this game, you may see a truck with lots of od money in this. This truck will provide delivery to an ATM full of cash, and this is your aim. Through this game, your mission is to make an effort to deposit as much money as possible through any ATM you see on the road.

You have to be careful as many people are watching you. It would help if you didn't stay at a place for too long. You have to move, walk, or even run to reach the ATM as you know that the city has many ATMs, and you have to find all of them. The more cash you deposit from the ATM, the higher points you will get and pass the level. If you can't deposit any money from the ATM, you can't complete a level and, of course, lose the game. So, let try your best to complete it.

How to play:

  • Move the mouse to look around
  • Use arrow keys/WASD to move/ drive
  • Use LMB to attack/punch
  • Use RMB to block
  • Use Space to jump
  • Use Shift to run/ hold
  • Use C to crouch
  • Use L to on/off hazard lights

Tips and tricks:

  1. Try to deposit all cash in the ATM to complete the mission and win the game
  2. It would help if you were careful through roam in the city as many people can easily see you

ATM Cash Deposit Unblocked:

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