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io Games

IO Games is part of real-time multiplayer games with the name ending in ' .io'. Agar.io and Slither.io are the most famous io games to mention. Here we have a list of the most complete io games on the internet and this list is updated daily. Just click on one of our io games and have fun!

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What are io games?

As you already know, there are many funny and addictive games for players like agario, slitherio, ... These games after launching just a few months have attracted thousands of people who like playing games all over the world. Immediately, after the success of these two games, a series of new games with the domain name “.io” was released and created an io game list. So what are the io games?

It is very simple! All MMO games which can be played on the web and have io tag are called "io games". They are flash games and very easy to play. There are many people who can play together in one game, they compete against each other to win the game. The name - io games may be a bit strange, but the fact that they are also normal games like the other. The different is Instead of using .com or .net domains as other games, these games use a different domain name - ".io" - a generic top-level domain (gTLD).

However, these games did not become popular by their strange name or their domain. And I sure you that it was not an accident that the phrase "io games" has become so popular. So which things make io games become so popular in the world? Let's learn about the history and the features of io games to know why are these game so successful.

The history of io games

.io is Country code top-level domain, it has existed since 1997. The first .io domain was registered in 1998 by Levi Strauss & CO.

Agar.io is the first io game which was released in 2015. Just a few months after its debut, agario attracted thousands of players around the world by its so unique logic and playability. And that was a big turning point of io games - After that, hundreds of new io games have released.

The agar.io domain was suggested by a user in 4chan, simply because all the relevant domain names such as cell.com and cell.io have been used. At that time, the names of .io domains were relatively new and the prices were very high, so there were many dictionary term domain names which were still available. That is why the domain name agar.io was released.

After that, as the same reason as agar.io, slither.io took advantage of the availability of the .io TLD.

After the great success of agario and slitherio, a series of other .io games have released. They wanted to have a piece of their predecessor’s success and popularity. So they too adopted a .io domain.

Today, there are more than one hundred of io games were released, and it is going to have more and more new io games in the near future.

The features make io games became very popular in the world.

As I mentioned above, it is not an accident to become so popular and attractive games in the world. In fact, most of io games - especially agario and slitherio both have some special features to get the great success like that.

1/ The first and the best important thing to make the great success of io games like agar.io or slither.io that they are super, super easy to learn but super, super difficult to master. In fact, it only takes you 5-10 minutes to learn how to play the game but it takes you a long time to master and win the game. When you start an io game, it is very easy for you to know the rule of the game and how to play on it. You will feel wow! what an easy game! However, I am sure that you will feel that is a hard and challenging game a week after that. There are so many people all around the world who play io games for a long time but they can’t be the winner in these games because they are the global game.

2/ The second, they always try to keep the game mechanics very simple, matched by the basic graphics. They try to optimize the game’s usability and accessibility. Most io games can be played on the web, players can play in full screen without having to download the games. Moreover, io games are very lightweight and the players do not have to wait too long time to download the games. You don't need to wonder when you play the games, may your computer have some virus too? because all the games are free and you don't have to download anything. All you need to be able to play io games is a PC that is connected to the internet.

3/ The third feature that makes io games became so popular is "real time". Most io games are designed in the real-time and this makes them become harder and more attractive to the players. Moreover, with the real-time strategy, you can invite your friends into the game to solo together or set a team to fight the other opponents. It is brilliant! You can fight like real warriors; using your intelligence to create the great combat strategies.

4/ The fourth feature is “the sharing”. Almost io games have this feature. Io games allow the player to share their score with their friends through the third parties like Facebook, Twitter, Google, …So when you get the high score, you can share it with your friend to let them know how well you have done.

5/ Finally, the competition is also the important feature which makes io games become so popular in the world. As you know, almost io games have many players, they will take part in a room or a map and play together. They will compete together to become the winner or get on the top 1 of the game. People who get on top 1 of the game will be admired by all (sometimes may be an attacking target of someone). And this is one of the most attractive of the io games.

The best io game list that you can find on Freegames66

To find all io games is a really hard work. We know that and that is the reason why we have to collect all the io games on the internet. We just want to create an io game list for people who like these games. Here, you can play all the best and the newest io games just only on one website - freegames66.com. Moreover, we update the new game every day, so you always can find the new game in our io game list. If you do not know which io game is the most suitable for you or which io game is the most favorite, let me introduce you some of them.

1. Agario

It is a pity if you like io games but you know nothing about agar.io. Agar.io is the first io game which was released on April 28, 2015. Its author is Matheus Valadares. The game was originally advertised on 4chan on April 28, 2015 as a browser game. Then spread on the media like Youtube and Twitch.tv. On May 3, 2015 Agar.io joined Steam and developed new features for the browser version. On July 8, 2015 Miniclip announced the Android and iOS version of the game. Agar.io has inspired similar web games called "iogame", which includes similarly targeted games but different characters and games that incorporate elements of other genres like shooter games.

In this game, you control a cell on the map, your goal is to eat as many smaller cells as possible and Avoid to be the food of the bigger cells.

2. Slitherio

slither.io game is one of the 2 most popular io games that you cannot ignore. This game is based on the predatory snake game that is very familiar to everyone. However, slither.io has been added to the new feature that slitherio players can connect with many different players around the world. They play together and create many exciting and dramatic competitive situations.

Slitherio was developed by Steve Howse on March 25, 2016. The game became popular after being promoted by some prominent YouTube users such as PewDiePie and the head of the App Store shortly after its release. In July 2016, Slitherio’s browser version was voted as one of 1000 most visited pages ranked by Alexa, while iOS was ranked first among the most downloaded apps on the App Store. The mobile version of the game for Android was released on March 27, 2016.

In this game, the player controls an avatar like a worm, the worm will eat colored pills and other creatures to increase their size. Your goal in this game is to grow your worm into the longest worm in the server.

3. Wing.io

If you love helicopter games, you cannot miss wing.io. This is a super fun game! Your task in this game is to control the plane and shoot the opponent's plane to get the point. When you are in the top 1 of the game, there will be a crown displayed on the top of your plane - very easy to see. All the players want to be in top 1 of the game so, at that time, you will become an attacking target of the other planes. To protect your crown, you will have to fight. Which makes the game become very interesting, right

4. Diep.io

If you are a fan of shooting games, diep.io is the best game for you. It is an io game which was developed by Matheus Valadares – author of agar.io game. This game was released in April 2016 in the browser and was released on IOS and Android on July 8, 2016. It’s first appeared on 4chan on April 23, 2016.

Your task in this game is to control a tank and shoot other players. The objects of the game change according to the mode and your goal is to get the highest score in FFA mode and DM team, get points in Domination and destroy all the competitions in the Tag Team

5. Flaap.io

If you like flappy bird, flap.io is the best recommendation for you. Your main mission in this game is to keep your bird from falling to the ground and avoid touching any pipes along the way. Keep in mind that the more pipes you pass; the more scores you get.

In addition, there are many other interesting io games like flaap.io, spinz.io, wormax.io, hexar.io, battleboat.io, nightpoint.io, snowfight.io, zoombs.io, goons. io, paper.io, glo.io, superhex.io, kugeln.io, dodgeballs.io, brutal.io, gartic.io, warbot.io, beachball, zorelit.io, gungame.io, jumbled.io, infinitris.io, brutes.io, Wormate.io, Piranh.io, Germs.io, Gota.io, Father.io, Lazardrive.io, Limax.io, Massivematch.io, Narwhale.io, Piranh.io, Sattelite.io, astroe.io, skyfight.io, CarArena.io, Elemantar.io, Bist.io, MyPuppet.io, BombsGame.io, Dstruct.io, Lumen.io, PPEP.io, BubbleBee.io, Nafk.io, Xess.io, Tenz.io, etc... that you can play and have fun experiences.

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