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Racing Games

If you are a racing enthusiast, you can't ignore this site. We have tons of Racing Games waiting to be explored. Click here and choose the best game to enjoy!

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The racing game is a video game genre in which the player will control a vehicle to compete with other players. Usually, this game genre allows the player to navigate the environment from either a first-person or third-person perspective. The gameplay of these games may be based on the real-world racing leagues or just by the imagination of the game's developer. Appeared early since the 1960s with the release of Grand Prix - an interesting first-person racing game, until nowadays, there are a lot of racing games were released. And, it can say that racing games fall under the category of sports games because these games mainly simulate the real-world racing leagues. In order to learn more about racing games, let’s continue reading the detailed info below!

What is a racing game?

A racing game is a game emphasizes controlling a simulated or imagined vehicle, horse, or anything else to participate in a race or simply just overcome all the difficult terrain and get to the destination safely. This game genre usually allows the player to navigate the environment from either the first-person or third-person perspective. Located between arcade driving games and driving simulation games, the racing game brings the player the exciting moments with high-speed driving emotion.

In general, racing games are varied. However, they all have in common speed races to see who will be the first to run to the finish line. Whether the terrain is terrestrial, in the sky, on the sea ... we all called it Racing Games.

Vehicles and terrain in racing games

The vehicles in racing games are very rich with many different types of vehicles and terrains. As mentioned above, this game genre is based on both the racing leagues in our real world and the imagination of human, so, you can find hundreds of vehicles in these games such as cars, motorbikes, ships, planes, trucks, bicycles, horse, or any other dedicated vehicles for each terrain.

The terrain in the racing game is also very rich. The player can enjoy the emotion when racing on land, sea, air, desert with various climatic conditions such as snow storm, rain, etc. Besides that, they also can enjoy the experience when racing from flat topography such as on highways or roads in the cities to many other difficult terrains such as on mountain road or desert. By providing lots of different terrains, this game genre becomes more abundant and attractive to the players.


Appeared since the years of 1969 by the launch of Grand Prix - an electromechanical racing game by Saga, the genre of racing games has a long time history. Until nowadays, after nearly fifty years, this game genre is still able to confirm its foothold position in the gaming industry. Let's check out quickly the important milestones of this game genre!

1969 - The first racing game was released. This is the first game that provides the player with a first-person perspective and a forward-scrolling road.

1973 - Space race of Atari was released. This game is the first arcade game of this genre. After that year, the racing game became popular and there were lots of other games were released such as Astro Race, Speed Race, Gran Trak 10, Moto-Cross, Super Bug, and more.

1979 - Along with the development of technology, until 1979, the first 3D vector racing game was released. The game named as Vectorbeam's Speed Freak. The release of this game mark an important innovation of the racing games genre.

The 1980s - Rally-X is the first racing game featuring background music. After the release date of this game, lots of racing games also started to feature background music. Until nowadays, after so many years of development, the racing game become one of the most attractive game genres in the world.


Arcade-style racers

Arcade-style racing games are a sub-genre of the racing games and focus on the fast-paced experience. Taking place in several terrains that are flat topography such as highways, windy roads, or in cities, this game genre brings the players lots of excited emotion when allowing them to participate in so many racings with deadly-speed. A prominent feature of the Arcade-style racers games is their far more liberal physics than other racing simulator games.

In fact, in both real racing and racing simulator games, in order to take most turns, the driver must reduce their speed significantly. However, in Arcade-style racers games, this game genre allows the player to keep up their speed by drifting through a turn. It even encourages the players to powerslide the car to do that. In addition, the collisions with other traffic vehicles, racers, or track obstacles in arcade-style racers games are much more exaggerated than other racing simulator games as well. In general, this game genre removes all the requirements of precision and rigor and just focus strictly on the racing element to provides the players with excited emotion when racing at a so high speed. And therefore, this feature also specifically distinguishes the Arcade-style racers genre from other ones.

Racing simulators

Of course, like arcade style racer game, racing simulators are also a sub-genre of the racing game, however, these two genres have a bit different. Different from arcade-style racers just focus on the racing element, the racing simulators genre strive to simulate the racing leagues and vehicles in the real world. This means vehicular behavior physics is the key factor of this game genre. In fact, this game genre requires the players to face with all the problem of racing in the real world such as car's tire condition, fuel level, trail braking, or how to deal when turning at the corner, etc. This game genre even simulates the common aids of vehicles in the real world such as traction control, anti-lock brakes, damage resistance, or steering assistance to provide the players with more realism experience.

Kart racing games

Kart racing games are also an important sub-genre of the racing games with simply driving mechanics. Usually, in this game genre, there are the additions of obstacles, unusual track designs, and many different action elements. In addition, these games also offer modes in which characters of the players can shoot other players or collect power-ups of the game. In general, Kart racing games emphasize more about the arcade-like experience than other racing games and in these games, the player can do more things than racing.

What do we have at this site?

Nowadays, there are many types of racing games that are launched. But for that reason, it is quite difficult to find quality games. However, you do not have to worry because we are here to help you. On Freegames66, we have searched and gathered tons of racing games, all of them are selected carefully by our staff. In fact, these racing games have been tested many times to ensure that you will not get bugs or crash when playing them. Also, we also provide you with some tips, tricks, and walkthrough for each game in our game description. To make it easy for you to find a suitable game, we have individual categories for each type of game, including the ones you just played.

Besides, the advantages of Freegames66 is that we provide the users with a simple and friendly interface, so, on our site, you can enjoy your favorite games excitingly. Moreover, if you want to find a game, just type its name in the Search bar on our site and your game will pop up in seconds. Is it great?

Above, we show you from 1 to 20 of the best free online racing games. All of them are free and available to play on the browser of both PC and mobile devices. Some of them even available on the App Store and Google Play, so, you can download and install them right on your mobile or tablets. In addition, there are tons of other interesting racing games on the next pages waiting for you. Just choose the best one of them and enjoy it!

Now, it's the time to enjoy lots of interesting games. Have you chosen the best one yet? Let's start and hope you have great moments on Freegames66!