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Truck Loader 4

Rating: 8.0

Votes: 60

Plays: 15.7k

About Truck Loader 4

Truck loader 4 is the fourth installment in the puzzle game series by Anton Subochev, graphics by Alexey Davydov and music by Gennady Kovshenin.

In this part, the gameplay is similar to the previous three, your job will be to retrieve the boxes and place them in the correct position on the truck until "Leave the Truck" appears, You leave the truck and complete the stage. But there are some interesting updates for the players as follows:

  • This section will have stages where you have to use the boxes on the agency buttons to get the other boxes.
  • Combination of factors such as escalator, thrust of the bar when turning it on, wheelbarrow ... to get the cart.
  • Throw the right blast boxes in place so that it explodes to make way.
  • Some stages have very difficult terrain, you have to deftly throw the boxes on the buttons of the body in difficult positions to complete the stage.
  • Take advantage of the crates to create a path.
  • Some stage will have dark space that you can not see its terrain.
  • The appearance of the ramp will make it difficult for you.
  • The stage has two trucks to load up your cart will appear more.

In this section, in addition to the challenges and terrain has very high degree of difficulty, you must also combine with skillful skill moves, otherwise you will be very difficult to complete this game.

At the start of each stage, the system will count the seconds and show in the left corner of the game screen so that you can know how much time it takes to cross the stage. Based on this time, you will get stars corresponding to a maximum of 3 stars for each stage.

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How To Play

  • Most games use the mouse to perform all the necessary actions.
  • Use Space to jump.

Tips and Tricks

  1. You can restart, turn the sound on / off on the game screen.
  2. If you are stuck on a stage, click the Walkthrough button to see how to go over it.
  3. When the vehicle overturns, use the space to park the car back.