Best Minecraft Games

Here is a list of the best Minecraft games on the internet:

  1. Minicraft

  2. Minecaves 2

  3. MineGame

  4. Adventure Craft

  5. Block World

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Minecraft Games

If you want to enjoy your break time with some interesting Minecraft games, this page with tons of great Minecraft games is truly for you. Click here to enjoy!

New Minecraft Games

Adventure Craft

86 % Liked 7.0k Plays


85 % Liked 7.1k Plays

Block World

77 % Liked 4.6k Plays


88 % Liked 14.1k Plays

Minecaves 2

91 % Liked 10.6k Plays

What are minecraft games?

If you always want to create your own world – where you can do whatever you want, minecraft games is the best kind of game for you. The minecraft games are sandbox construction games where you can build the world like what you want. In these games, the player can move through a fantastic virtual world which was made of block freely. They can create many different structures and collect useful items. In addition, they also have to fight and save their character from the evils mobs.

In minecraft world, the players have to craft a lot of various materials and resources like wood, stone, grass and many other items to build anything they want or to get a weapon. These materials they have to craft depending on the items they want to build. In addition, to survive as long as possible in the world of minecraft, all of the players have to build tool and powerful weapons to defeat all the monsters.

The history of minecraft games

The minecraft games are based on a very very popular game in the world - minecraft. This game was created by Markus "Notch" Persson - a Swedish programmer and maintained by Mojang AB, and part of Microsoft Studios on May 17, 2009. A short time from the day which minecraft was released, this game became so popular because of its simplicity and ability to add modifications and custom textures of the game.

After the success of minecraft, there are a lot of new games like minecraft were released which have the same idea, type of game - sandbox with minecraft. And that is the reason why the type of minecraft games was born.

Today, there are hundreds of minecraft games were released, and it is going to have more and more new minecraft games in the near future.

The common characteristics of minecraft games

There are two characteristics to make a game is a minecraft game. They are gameplay and graphics style.

  • Gameplay

As you know, minecraft is a video sandbox game in an open world. Coming to the world of minecraft, you will have to look for natural resources such as wood, earth, rocks, etc... to build your house and many other constructions; you will have to hunt and raise animals for food. There is no specific standard or task, you are the game's master and play the game by the way you want. And all the games like minecraft in play style are developed by that idea.

The game which has the gameplay similar to minecraft, of course, it is one of minecraft games. There are some games like minecraft about their play style such as Paper MineCraft, Orion Sandbox, Orion Sandbox Enhanced, Minecraft Tower Defense, Dungeon Craft, and Orion Sandbox 2.

  • Graphics style

As you easy can see that almost of minecraft games own the graphics similar together. They are created by thousands of cubes with several simple colors.And this style of graphics is known as a brand of Minecraft games.

The games which have graphics style similar to minecraft are MineCaves, KogamaOstry, Blocky Combat Swat, and Bomber Arena, etc.

All minecraft games in website

As mentioned above, there are hundreds of minecraft games were released and all of them are similar to minecraft. These games are really interesting; lets me introduce you some of them.

Paper MineCraft:

Paper Minecraft is a 2D version of Minecraft - a legendary building game. In this game, the players must gather resources and food to stay alive, and build a settlement for themselves to live in. In addition, the players will also encounter the animals and many different terrains such as water, rock, woods, and fields. They have to mine the stone and wood to make tools; then using these tools to mine more advanced materials and finally building the structures. In play style, Paper minecraft is one of the games like minecraft most.

Orion Sandbox:

This is an open-world sandbox game which is one of the games like minecraft and Terraria. In this game, you will live like a primitive person with some skills such as chopping trees to get wood (axe), digging dirt, breaking stone to get cobblestone (pickaxe), using weapons to kill animals to get meat, fur, and leather. Moreover, you have to try to build a house and equip yourself with armors and weapons to deal with zombies when night falls.

Orion Sandbox Enhanced:

Orion Sandbox Enhanced is the sequel to the original Orion Sandbox. This game has the same play style as the first game, however, the graphics have been updated to look nicer.

Minecraft Tower Defense:

This is an interesting game which is quite similar to original minecraft game. In this game, you will have to dig a path to reach your base. However, remind that this path is the path which creeps will use to attack your base, so, create a strategy with this path to protect your base.


MineCaves is an interesting action game which is one of the best game in minecraft games. In this game, you are a miner and your mission is to collect all the gems in the dungeon and get to the exit door safely.


BOMBEM is an interesting action game. In this game, you will control a minecraft character and your miss is to be the winner of all the matches. One interesting point in this game is that when you destroy the squares which are made of bricks, you can collect items in the map. These items will have different effects, such as the length of your bombs, your speed, more bombs, etc.


KogamaOstry is an interesting action game. In this game, your mission is to overcome all the challenges such as poisonous, tunnel, … and battle with other players to protect your life. The only one feature which makes KogamaOstry is one of the minecraft games is that this game has minecraft-style graphics.

Modern Blocky Paint:

Modern Blocky Paint is an interesting action game. Although this game does not have the same play style with minecraft, it is still a minecraft game because of its minecraft-style graphics. In this game, your mission is to destroy as many enemies as you can.

Dungeon Craft:

Dungeon Craft is also in minecraft games. It is really an interesting action game. In this game, you are an explorer and your mission is to kill all the zombies on the map, collect the key and run to the exit door safely.

Orion Sandbox 2:

This is part 2 of an interesting survival game. If you know about Orion Sandbox 2, you will agree with me that it is a game which really likes minecraft. In this game, you are an astronaut in a dangerous situation. Your spaceship has fallen into a mysterious planet and your task is to find a way to survive on this planet. You will have to collect the resources to build a solid home like stone, wood, and leather, ...

Moreover, in the game, you will meet many cute animals like chicken, sheep, and fox, ... However, you may also face the wolves and especially mysterious and scary creatures. Some creatures will attack and kill you, so you need to create weapons to protect yourself.

Bomber Arena:

Bomber Arena is a battle game which has the style graphics as same as minecraft. In this game, you are a cube zombie and your task is to place the bomb and destroy all other zombies on the map.


GrindCraft is an interesting puzzle game. Like minecraft game, in GrindCraft, your mission is to craft as many different items as you can.

Blocky Combat Swat: Blocky Combat Swat is a shooting series game. There are 3 parts in this series game - Blocky Combat Swat, Blocky Combat Swat 2: Storm Desert, and Blocky Combat SWAT 3. Your mission in the game is to kill all the enemies in the map and win all the matches. is an interesting minecraft game. In this game, your mission is to survive as long as possible and climb up the highest rank of the leaderboard. This game is a minecraft game because of its gameplay and graphics style are similar to the original game – minecraft. Having the same gameplay with minecraft, is an ioand minecraftgame. There is no leaderboard and there is no opponent, in this game, you can do whatever you want.

KOGAMA: Temple of Doom is also shooting game which developed by KOGAMA. This game has graphics style as same as original minecraft game. In this game, your mission is to kill as many enemies as possible. You will not do the mission alone, you have a team and play together.

Those are some very interesting minecraft games on website; there are many other exciting games on our website and they are all for free. If you are a person who loves the game online and flash game, is the best place for you.

The minecraft games for kids

As you know, Minecraft games are very popular and to be loved by the kids. These games as known as the games for kids and young adult.

  • The benefits of Minecraft game with the children

The minecraft games for kids encourage the children to learn and support their skills of interaction brings the kids a world of freedom, creativity and never-ending. Moreover, these games bring them imagination away, at the same time, ingenious insights into physics, geology, ecology, and industry - the knowledge that takes the children years to memorize.

  • Minecraft games for kids on

In our website, all minecraft games for kids have been tested and they are completely suitable for kids of all ages 6+. If you want to find the website which provides the minecraft games for your children, I’m sure you that is the best place for you.

The minecraft unblocked games

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We collected 14 of the best free online minecraft games. These games include browser games for both your computer and mobile devices - very convenient for you to play the game at anytime and anywhere. Come with us and you’ll experience the interesting world of minecraft.