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Here is a list of the best Football games on the internet:

  1. Funny Soccer Game

  2. American Football Challenge

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Football Games

If you're a big fan of football games, this page with tons of these games is the right place for you. Click here to play for free all the best football games!

New Football Games

Funny Soccer Game

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American Football Challenge

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Football games are a type of video game that simulates the activities of football games. This is also a sub-genre of sports games but only focuses on simulating the sports in the type of football games. As we both know, football and soccer are the sports that most of the men love, for this reason, the football games have a long history of development since the 1970s.  Until nowadays, after over 37 years of development, this game genre has gained a solid position in the mind of players and in the gaming industry. In this page about football games, we introduce to you both soccer games and football American games. In order to learn more about this game genre, please continue reading below!

Definition of football games

The football game is a video game genre that focuses on simulating all the activities of football sports such as soccer, baseball, hockey, and more. In this game genre, the player will have a chance to play the role of an athlete, participate in a match with the main goal is to win and bring the glory for the team. In addition, football games also consist of sport manager games that emphasize the simulation of a football team manager. In these games, instead of playing the role of an athlete, the player will play the role of a manager or coach with the main mission is to plan the tactic for the match and manage all the activities of the team.


American Football games

American Football game is a subgenre of football games that focuses on simulating American Football sports such as baseball, hockey, etc. This type of game involves two opposing teams in which they compete against each other by scoring a touchdown in the end zone or kicking the football through the goalposts of the opposing team

Soccer games

The soccer game is also a subgenre of the football game that totally focuses on the activities of the soccer sport. This game genre simulates all the activities of a soccer match and lets the player play the role of a football player. The most popular games in this genre are FIFA series game, PES, etc.

Manager simulator games

Different from other football games that the player will play the role of the athletes, compete, and gain the winning in many competitions, manager simulator games focus on the activities of training simulations and team management simulators. In detail, the player will play the role of a coach or team manager and he has to think more about strategy and tactics. Championship Manager and Football Manager are two typical examples of this game genre. 

History of football games

Having a long history of development, however, in general, there are several milestones in the progress of development of football games including:

The 1970s: These years marked the release of football games.

The 1980s: In these years, the development of football games become so rapidly. It can say that this decade opened with the colorful blobs of Pelé’s Soccer, International Soccer, Kick Off, Dini’s follow-up Goal, or many other remarkable names simulating the real-world league and the world football superstar - Pele - who "is regarded by many in the sport, including football writers, players, and fans, as the greatest player of all time" [1]. Even though the graphics of these games still were the animated crowds, this was a great leap forward with the development of football video game genre at that time. Moreover, in 1982, the release of Football Manager started a new football game genre. And rapidly, this game also became a new hit in this game genre right after the release date.

The 1990s: The years of the 1990s marked the release of many famous names in football game genre such as Sensible Soccer in 1992, Championship Manager, FIFA series game, Actua Soccer, FIFA International Soccer, etc. The special point is that these games have improved so much in graphics, gameplay, and mechanics to provide the players with realism experience gameplay. In detail, in 1993, FIFA International Soccer offered an isometric point of view instead of the bird’s eye view; in 1996, FIFA '96 was the first game under the FIFPRO license and used the real player names in the game; or the last years of the 1990s, 3D player graphics and BBC’s Barry Davies on commentary were used in football games.

And since that time, football games have developed rapidly, provided the player with high-quality graphics and gameplay.

Top 5 best football games on Freegames66

1. Football Legends 2016

One of the best football games on Freegames66 is Football Legends 2016 by team. This game is so cool with cute graphics and simple but addictive gameplay. In this game, the player will control a football player with the main mission is to score goal. With interesting gameplay, this game has been received the high-rating from over thousands of our players.

2. Funny Soccer

Funny Soccer is also a remarkable name in this list of the best football games on Freegames66. This game simulates the activities of a soccer match and allows the players to choose their own team from eight strong teams of soccer in our real world. The main mission of the players in this game is to win the match by using the head or hitting the ball. With simple but fun gameplay as well as good-looking visuals, Funny Soccer deserve is one of the best football games to play and enjoy.

3. Rugby Challenge

Rugby Challenge is an interesting football game with simple but challenging gameplay in which the player will control a football player, grab the ball, avoid all the opponent defenders, get pass all of them, and bring the ball to the end zone safely. Taking place in a fast-paced gameplay, this game is so attractive and received high-rating from the players who have played it on Freegames66.

4. Touchdown American Football

Touchdown American Football is also another remarkable name that is received high-rating from the users of Freegames66. This game offers a challenging gameplay and allows the player to play the role of a football player. The challenge of this game is that the player will have to face lots of opponent defenders by himself, avoid all of them, and run to the end zone. Any collision with the opponent defenders, he will die and the game will end.

5. Sprint Attack

Sprint Attack is also an interesting football game that is adored by thousands of players on Freegames66. In this game, the player will control a football player with the main task is to run. The winner is the one who completes 3 laps first, so, in order to win this game, the player must control his character to run as fast as possible in a limited time.

What do we have at this site?

On Freegames66, we have gathered up to hundreds of the best football games for you to choose from. No matter the game you are looking for is football American game or soccer game, you still can find and enjoy all of them right on our site. Besides that, have we ever told you that all football games on our site are free to play and available to enjoy right on the browser and familiar devices such as PC, mobiles, or tablets? If not yet, we officially announce to you that they are the truth. All the games on Freegames66 are free to play right on your browser. Moreover, to make sure that you can enjoy our game everywhere you want, the games on our site are unblocked-games. This means no matter where you are, you still can play your favorite games on our site without being stopped by anything.

Above, we are showing you 28 best football games with many remarkable names such as Football Legends 2016, Funny Soccer Game, Rugby Challenge, Sprint Attack, Touchdown American Football, etc. In addition to these games, there are tons of other interesting football games on the next pages waiting for you to explore. Let's select the best ones of them, enjoy, and have a great day with these games. Good luck!

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