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If you want to become a tycoon who dominates a thriving business empire, tycoon games are your best choice. Tons of tycoon games here, click to enjoy for free!

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Tycoon games (also called as business simulation games or economic simulation games) are an exciting type of video game genre that focuses on the management of economic processes or organizations (usually at the enterprise level). These games are the simulation of a business's management and operating process. They also accurately simulate events that take place in the real world by using algorithms as well as closely linking the actions of players in the game with the consequences of such actions. In other words, any action or decision of the player in the tycoon games will directly affect the end of the games. Another important aspect of tycoon games is the appearance of the artificial intelligence system, the gameplay, and the structure of the game.

Having a long history of development, but until 1995, when Trevor Chan's Capitalism game came out, then the tycoon game genre became more popular and adored by lots of gamers from around the world. And until nowadays, there were many interesting tycoon games were released by various developers, but Trevor Chan is still a prominent developer of this game genre. Because of the accurate simulation of real life so the tycoon games have very high applicability. There are now a number of universities and business schools in Europe and the United States using these tycoon games to educate their students. In order to find out more about tycoon games, their definitions, history, applicability, and gameplay, please continue reading the details information below!

Definition of tycoon games

Tycoon games are a popular game genre nowadays that focuses on simulating the management of a business, a city, or anything else to become a tycoon in a certain field. These games are mostly simulation based on the real world, so they are also considered as a sub-genre of simulation games. The most basic definition of a tycoon game is that one of the ultimate goals of the player in this game is to earn a lot of money. And in general, players cannot earn money by killing monsters or stealing from NPCs; They must make money by producing and selling something.

Typically, there are some strategies such as the players can choose projects that players believe they will bring them profit to invest their time and money. Or players can choose to upgrade, buy, or build the new infrastructures to increase production capacity and efficiency of their projects. In addition, they also try to own the latest technologies to earn much more money easier. Story-wise players often pursue an ambition to become the tycoon in the world of their careers.

In general, tycoon games are a video game genre in which the players will have to make a strategic decision about investing time, money and resources. They will have to consider how to use their limited resource well to produce and sell something to the NPC market and earn the profit. In addition, they also invest their resource to build the infrastructure and the abilities to become better at this production and sales cycle.


As mentioned above, tycoon games often focus on simulating business processes in a certain area of our lives, so in these games, players usually play the role of a leader, owner, manager, mayor, or entrepreneur. The main mission of the player in these games is to control his business, make strategic decisions for the development of the company, compete with other competitors in the market, earn as much money as possible, and become a tycoon in that field of business.

Typically, players in tycoon games will have to start the game with a limited resource, so they will have to find ways to make as much money as possible, purchase the necessary equipment, and build the infrastructure to start up their business. Moreover, they also have to face the problem of recruiting staff and training them to become experienced employees, which help the company grows more quickly. A special feature is that tycoon games are often MMO games. In fact, most games of this genre are MMO, which allow players to compete directly with other players from around the world and increase the reality of the games.

Real-world application of tycoon games

Because tycoon games simulate real-world economic systems, they are often used in economic education. In fact, now, there are several universities in Europe and the United States have used these games in their teaching methods. Some specific benefits of applying tycoon games to education are that they allow students to experience and test themselves in simulated situations before facing it in real life. In addition, these games also allow students to experiment and test the economic hypotheses that they gave. The use of games in education also makes students feel more exciting than passive teaching from the blackboard. Moreover, tycoon games are also used widely in the professional world to train workers in the financial and management industries. Some of them are even used in experiments or research about consumer behavior.


As mentioned above, tycoon games have a long time of history. The first economic simulation game of this game genre is M.U.L.E by Dan Bunten that was published in 1983. This is the first MMO game that focuses on simulating the economy and co-operation between players. In that same year, Epyx also released another economic simulation game called Oil Barons. Although the first game was released in 1983, a long time until 1995, after the release of Trevor Chan's Capitalism, then this game genre became more popular.  Capitalism is also considered to be one of the best business simulation game. Until nowadays, after over 35 years of development, there were hundreds of exciting tycoon games released and help this game genre gain a solid position in the game industry.

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Now, it is the time for you to choose your favorite games, enjoy them, and prove that you can become a tycoon in any field of business. Let's start and good luck!

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