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About Unihorn:

In this Platform and Shooter video game Unihorn, you will once again be brought back to your childhood, when everything seems magical and enjoyable. The game puts you into the role of a unicorn, also known as the magical horse or the horse with one horn. As you can see, from the sky in the game, there are plenty of clouds falling down to the land, and the Unicorn does not seem like a fan of them since they make him sad.
Your mission in this video game is trying your best to shoot the clouds in order to prevent them from affecting the unicorn. When the unicorn cannot handle the sadness anymore, your gameplay will come to an end. You have to make sure that all the sad clouds are destroyed before they meet the land, or else, your unicorn will start crying. In the store of the game, there are three types of things that you can buy, such as Magic Horns, Cool Clothes and Great Lands.
The game rewards you with stars after each time you play, and you can spend the stars you earned to buy things in the game store. The world of Unihorn is adorable enough to get you. Are you ready for it now?

How to play:

  • Use the computer mouse cursor to shoot the balloons
  • Use the left click button to click and shoot.

Tips and tricks:

  1. Do not be thrifty; use the Stars you earned to buy yourself upgrades and more.
  2. The clothes are the least effective items, you can buy them later when you want to waste the stars since you have too many.

Unihorn Unblocked:

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