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Batty the bat

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About Batty the bat:

Batty the bat Unblocked is a platform game with convenient control and it is incredibly simple gameplay.  Imagine you are batty and after a long sleeping, you woke up and realize that nobody here and you are abandoned. You are too dismay and wanna follow your herd immediately. Fly, fly and splenic through the stone to test your flying skill. Batty the bat has some similarities as the game Flappy Bird but it has its graphics with beautiful purple stone backgrounds and many strange shapes that attack your eyes a lot.

With 24 handmade levels, the level and shape of stones, your flying skill will be showed professionally. Fly the batty as far as you can without hitting the stone. Get the high score and help the bat escaping the cave. Remember that gravity doesn't have its mercy so don't let you die lonely in this dark cave. Getting through 24 levels and escaping that cave to have a full and happy Halloween with your herd!

Wanna celebrating your Halloween party at home perfectly? Collecting all the pumpkins and getting through the stones without lost lives will make you enjoy your Halloween funnily. This game will make you crazy if you are not patient and calm enough. Try to beat your patient and skilfull controlling limit by playing this fantastic game.

How to play:

  • Click Left to push the Batty forward
  • Click right if you'd like to enjoy the shape of the stone
  • Click the fatty to fly higher

Tips and tricks:

  1. Try not to dodge the stone if you don’t want lost life
  2. Balance the flying or you will bump into the stone

Batty the bat Unblocked:

  1. It's better to sparing with being blocked, play freely and smoothly, having the best experiences and entertaining time with our online website Have an amazing Halloween and be excited with Batty the bat Unblocked - satisfied with