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Rating: 8.2

Votes: 89

Plays: 30.6k

About game

Cubefield is a very simple but extremely addictive game that was created by Yo Arcade game. This is really an amazing game and offers a similar gameplay to the original CubeRunner game.

CubeField is a very nice game that is fun to play and provides a good challenge. It is almost as good as the original CubeRunner.[1]

With simple, addictive, but challenging gameplay, this game is rated as the easiest as well as the hardest game. On Freegames66, Cubefield is one of our hottest games and received a high rating from players.


In this game, you will control an automatic ship that is presented in the shape of a triangle at the bottom of the screen. Your main mission is to go through the tangled labyrinth of the colorful cube field, drive your ship to avoid all the cubes, and run as far as possible.

Remind you that at first, the ship will move quite slow. However, it will increase the speed up and up rapidly. That means you will have to reflex super-fast to avoid all the obstacles that are various cubes on your way. When you hit any obstacles, you will lose immediately. And of course, the farther you can run, the higher points you can get. 

It can say that gameplay of this game is so simple. However, when jumping into the game world, you will realize that it isn't easy like you think.


There isn't a clear distinction between levels in this game, however, most opinions for that there are three levels of difficulty in this game. They are divided based on the difficulty. At first, the game is quite simple. However, the longer players can stay in the game, the level will be progressively harder.

In detail, at first, players will have to control their ship go through a cube field with a quite slow speed. At this time, the number of cubes is just a few and placed a little distance apart. This makes players easy to pass through. However, after that, the further you go, the more cubes you face. They are placed closer and now you must drive your ship skillfully.

Go through the cube field, you will come to a maze and the speed now is very fast. Here, you will feel like you are in a tunnel system and you can't escape. There is only one way to get out of it - go toward. Through this maze, you continue to come to another cubefield and the difficulty increases progressively. At a certain score point, the cubefield can change its color into green, pink, black, etc. And the change of color scheme and style will make you feel so impressive.

Prominent features

Simple gameplay with very simple and familiar controls.

Impressive 3D graphics and the ability to change the color and style of the cube make players feel more interesting.

This game save your top score to let you know how well you have done.

Anytime you want, you still can pause this game by pressing the P button.

This game offers the mobile version iOS devices. You can visit Appstore to download it and play offline on your phone. 

How to play cubefield?

This game is very easy to control. You just use familiar buttons including left and right arrow keys to move your ship.

If you want to pause the game, let’s press the button P on the keyboard.

Cubefield tips and tricks

Many people say that they don't like the sound of this game. If you are also one of them, let's turn the sound off and listen to your MP3. How to do that? Very easy! Just turn it off on the game screen.

There is a warning "speed up" at the middle of the screen to warn you that the speed will increase in the next second. So, keep an eye on this warning to get ready before your ship passes through everything like a storm.

You can press the button P to pause the game anytime you want. In order to continue this game, let’s press button P again.

When driving your ship out of the tangled labyrinth of the cube field, you will have a few seconds before continuing with the next challenge.

Cubefield unblocked at school

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There is the fact that most of schools and workplaces block the gaming site to prevent their students or staff playing game when on work. So, even you are in break time, you still can't enjoy your favorite game. But when coming with Freegames66, all of these issues just like eating a candy and we can solve them easily. On this site, we offer players cubefield unblocked version. So, people can access this game anywhere they want as long as they are connected to the internet.

Besides that, with a simple and friendly interface, you will have the best experience when playing game here.

Now, it's time to enjoy this game. Let's do your best to see how far you can run. Good luck!

Some Frequently Asked Questions

who created cubefield?

As mentioned above, Cubefield is created by Yo Arcade game. Its main developer is Max Abernethy.

When was cubefield created?

At this time, we still don't know when was this game created.

How do you beat cubefield?

You can't beat this game because there is not the destination of the ship. All you can do is to stay on the game as long as possible. The game will save your highest score. So, you can beat it to overcome yourself.

Cubefield how to cheat?

You can't cheat this game. In fact, I have tried most cheats on the internet. However, all of them don't work actually.