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Fire Road

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About Fire Road:

Fire road is a funny and exciting action game. Once you enter the world of this game, you will control a yellow ball to overcome all colored walls and limits. This ball can fly through to many beautiful walls that make you feel interested. Each time you pass a wall, you can get the point. These walls are arranged randomly, and you can't guess the height of them. You only can know precisely how high it is when you control your ball through it. So, you have to watch out them and try to control your ball through them skillfully.

Your ball has a high speed that you can't imagine. They move too fast to control. However, it's the best way to increase your interests through this game. Moreover, these walls are also magnificent that truly brings you to a funny world.  These walls have changed the shape regularly so. You have to tap on the screen always. Moreover, the longer your game is, the faster your ball will be.

This game will truly test your controlling skill through many funny challenges and walls. You can also learn more things while playing this game, such as patience and carefulness. Don't forget to beat off your old score and gain the best one.

How to play:

  • Use LMB to control your ball

Tips and tricks:

  1. Watch out the high wall as if you can’t come over it, you will lose the game
  2. It would help if you observed quickly to change the position of your ball

Fire Road Unblocked:

  1. Let enjoy the fire roads in Fire Road unblocked by type in your browser. Once you visit this site, you can have a memorable experience with a lot of free games of all types, smooth and unblocked playing, and be playable at any time and places. Come on to show your skill with engaging challenges in this game.