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PLAY NOW Lucky Life
Lucky Life

Rating: 7.0

Votes: 10

Plays: 4.3k

About Lucky Life:

Welcome to Lucky life, a great video game by GameTornado. This is a special survival game. It is a cool combination of physical, fast-paced, and ragdoll elements. Although controlling your character is quite easy (compared to some other ragdoll games), the deadly challenges in this game are very scary. If you make a mistake, your whole body may explode and blood will fill the screen. If you're afraid of blood, never try this game!
Lucky Life offers more than 60 levels and deadly obstacles like giant walls that can crush you, bombs that can blow you up in 1 second, and saw blades that are ready to cut off your hands. The interesting point in this game is that each level is short and it has only a few obstacles. However, to achieve all three stars (the reward after you complete a level) you need to complete special missions.
Those missions are random, for example "get the star", "don't touch the rock", "not touch the apple", "jump twice" ... After completing a level in Lucky Life, you will have points to unlock new characters. Remember that in some high levels, you have to move to the destination in the limited time. Are you ready to go? 

How to play:

  • You press A/D or left/right arrow keys to move the character, up arrow key to jump and down arrow key to crouch.

Tips and tricks:

  1. You have to jump over the bombs and crouch to dodge the saw blades.
  2. After finishing a level, you can "play it again" to complete special missions and get all three stars.

Lucky Life Unblocked:

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