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PLAY NOW Hard Life
Hard Life

Rating: 8.9

Votes: 9

Plays: 5.8k

About Hard Life:

Hard life is an exciting simulation video game. In this game, you control a dummy and you face many deadly traps. The purpose of this game is: help you look at death to keep running forward, which are the difficulties in real life that you will face. There are many levels with different terrain in this game and you have to overcome them all. Your mission is to move wisely to overcome complex terrain and go to the destination safely.
This platform game is full of bloody scenes and it is not suitable for children. There are many different unlucky characters to choose from. They are Donald Trump, black ninja, mysterious alien ... But the first character you control is an athlete guy. To unlock other characters, you need stars. There are 3 stars in each level and you need to collect them.
There are many different terrible torture tools along the way and they can damage your dummy. However, an arrow will not be enough to make you die. Avoid spikes, jump to collect stars, and kick explosives away to destroy them. When you play at higher levels, the pitfalls will appear unexpectedly. Have fun!

How to play:

  • Use Arrows to move your dummy.

Tips and tricks:

  1. There are a total of 5 characters in this game. You need 10 stars to unlock the black ninja, 20 stars to unlock Donald Trump, 30 stars to unlock the mysterious aliens, and 40 stars to unlock the last character.
  2. Timing is an important factor to help you complete the game.

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