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Driving Games

If you're looking for driving games, here we have tons of these game for you to choose from. Racing games, car games, etc, all of them are free. Play now!

New Driving Games

Off-Road Mountain Jeep Drive 2020

100 % Liked 2.4k Plays

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Car Parking 2

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Survival Race

50 % Liked 3.8k Plays

The driving game is a video game genre that is so popular nowadays. These games emphasize the driving element in many different types of vehicles including land, water, air, or space ones. In these games, the players will have a chance to experience the emotion of driving and enjoy the game world in either first-person or third-person perspective. Appeared for a long time since the 1970s, until nowadays, over the last thirty years of development, there have been around 2500 driving games were released for many platforms. This proves one important thing that the driving games genre is adored by thousands of players from around the world. In order to learn more about this video game genre, let's continue reading below!

Definition of driving games

The driving game is a video game genre that focuses on the activities of driving a vehicle such as cars, bike, moto, taxi, trucks, fire trucks, etc and allows the player to immerse himself in the role of many other careers and experience the emotion when driving on many different terrains. This game genre is quite large and consists of several sub-genres including racing games, car games, and other small sub-genres revolving around other types of vehicle.


As mentioned above, driving games have a long time of history. In fact, ever since the video games released, there were lots of gamers wanting to feel the emotion when sitting behind the wheel of a car. And for this reason, in 1974 the first arcade game about driving called as Gran Trak (made by Atari) was released. Although there were a number of driving games released in the 70s, until 1981 when Sega released the third-person perspective game named as Turbo, this game genre became more popular and started to really take shape. Besides that, another milestone in the history of driving games is in 1983, when Pitstop was released. This game offered the first split screen two player driving game.

The next big leap in the history of driving games is the release of Outrun by Sega in 1986. Maybe many people feel that this game is so familiar. In fact, Outrun was the first driving game offering the players an immersive driving experience and the brilliant soundtrack at the time. Which made the history of the driving game step into the next page. Later in 1987, the awesome driving game Chase HQ by Taito also created a big point in the history of this game genre when being ported to nearly all the home computers and consoles on the market. Another milestone of driving games' history is in 1989 when "Hard Drivin - another arcade driving game that used 3D polygonal graphics" [1] the first real driving simulator game was released. Since that time, the driving game has become so popular and gained a foothold position in the game industry.


1/ Car games

Car game is a sub-genre of the driving game in which, the player will drive a car to participate in the game world and do various game's quests.

2/ Racing games

The racing game is a sub-genre of the driving game in which the player will have to participates in a racing competition. The racing element in this game genre can be based on the real world racing leagues or the imagination of humanity.

3/ Driving simulator games

Driving simulator games are the games that simulate as exactly as possible the activities of driving. This game genre focuses on simulating the different careers of driving such as taxi driving, truck driving, fire truck driving, etc and allows the player to experience many different careers.

Top 5 best driving games on Freegames66

1/ Moto X3M series

Moto X3M is driving series game consists of several installments. This is a remarkable series that game we can't ignore when mentioning this game genre. In this game, the player will control a young man who drives a motorbike with the main mission is to overcome all the deadly obstacles, pass through all the difficult terrains, and reach to the destination safely. With impressive graphics and challenging gameplay, Moto X3M series game is one of the most attractive driving games on Freegames66 that is received high-rating of our players. If you want to experience the extreme emotion when racing on difficult terrains with a breakneck speed, surely you can't ignore these games. On Freegames66, we have all the installments of this series game for you to enjoy.

2/ Motorun

Another moto driving game that extremely attracts the attention of players and received so many play times of Freegames66's user is Motorun. In this game, the player also controls a motorbike with the main mission is to run the destination as fast as possible to get the highest score. With brilliant soundtracks, good-looking visuals, and addictive gameplay, it is a pity if you ignore this game.

3/ King's Rush

King's Rush is also one of the best driving games on Freegames66 based on the vote of our players. In this game, the player will play the role of the King with the main mission is to control his vehicle run as far as possible, avoid all the obstacles, kill the enemies, as well as collect as much gold as possible on the road. With enough gold, the player can buy gadgets or boosters to run furthermore.

4/ Nitro Ninjas

Nitro Ninjas is a fun driving game that is extremely adored by the players on Freegames66. In this game, the player will control a ninja who drives a motorcycle with the main mission is to reach the finish line on time. The core feature in this game is that the player can perform lots of difficult and dangerous movements when driving such as flying the motorcycle, flipping when flying, performing tricks, and more.

5/ Roller Rider

Roller Rider is also a great driving game for people to enjoy. In this game, the player will have to control a car, overcome all the obstacles, defeat all the opponent in a breakneck racing, and complete all the game's quests to get progress. Consisting of various levels, each of them is a challenging racing line with the increasing of difficulty, Roller Rider is really a challenging driving game for people who love the speed.

What do we have at this site?

On Freegames66, we have tons of the best driving games for you to choose from. Here, you can enjoy the emotion when driving your dream car such as V8 Muscle Cars, Speed Cars, etc or simply trying the experience of a taxi or truck driver without any license. Driving on difficult terrains, participate in many dangerous racings, show your skillful driving abilities at breakneck speed to deliver the package on time, or many other things that surely you would never do with your real vehicle. Besides, we have plenty of driving games for kids such as fire trucks, taxi driving games, etc that allow the players to drive through both cities and countryside in a full range of graphical styles. In general, no matter which types of driving games are you looking for, you still can find out all of them on our site - Freegames66.

A special point is that all of our driving games are free to play and available to enjoy just right on the browser. Just with familiar devices such as personal computer, mobiles, or tablets, you can enjoy these games without installing any extension. In addition, all driving games on Freegames66 are unblocked-games, so, no matter where you are, school, hospital, or anywhere else, you still can play your favorite games on our site for free. At this time, we have gathered hundreds of driving games from all the subgenres to offer our users. Besides, the games are updated weekly to make sure that you can find and enjoy the latest games on our site.

Above, we are showing you our 28 first interesting driving games from 1 to 28 including Police Car Parking, Cargo Drive, Cow Defender, X Trial Racing, Motorun, Moto X3M, etc. There are still hundreds of other interesting games on the next page waiting for you to explore. Let's choose the best games and enjoy it now! Hope you have lots of great moments on Freegames66!