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War Simulator

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About War Simulator:

War simulator is a wonderful Battle, Platform and Strategy video game that you should try today. In this video game, you will be able to control your hordes of different mini units and try your best to take over the war against your opponents. As you start, you will need to select a unit on the left of the screen and place them on a suitable grid. When you think that your units are all well prepared, you can start the battle.
The game supports two locations, each one includes several levels and they are all available at the beginning of the game, except for the first level in the Forest. Your units fight the enemies automatically so you do not need to take care of them after you press the “Start Battle” button. The game includes multiple elements such as shaped graphics, smooth controls, etc.
In addition to that, there are tons of different settings in the options that you can check up on to make the game fit your play style. For example, the Texture Quality and Blend Weights are two remarkable settings that make War Simulator stand out from the other video game under the same genre, Let’s get to War Simulator and prove how good you are at making up good Strategies! 

How to play:

  • Use the computer mouse left-click button to place units.

Tips and tricks:

  1. The higher the quality graphics, the lower the game runs.
  2. Place as many units as you can until you run out of cash. Do not be thrift or else, you will lose the battle easily.

War Simulator Unblocked:

  1. War Simulator Unblocked is now available at, as we recommend you to try this video game anytime and anywhere you like at our site Check it out now to have fun throughout the weekend!