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PLAY NOW Color Tunnel
Color Tunnel

Rating: 1.7

Votes: 6

Plays: 2.8k

About Color Tunnel:

Color tunnel is a video game of the future. You may never find any video game that serves more futuristic and exciting elements than Color Tunnel. In this Platform, Adventure, Endless Running, Tunnel and Fast-paced video game, you will see no fictional character at all. The only one who is participating in the game is you, which means you will see the game world through the first person perspective. How amazing it is!
The game brings you into a mass Tunnel, which is painted in various colors. Your quest is avoiding the obstacles and advance as far as you can. In the first time you play this game, there is no record to break since the game has no data but after that, every time you overcome your last score, the game marks it as one achievement. Even when you decide to quit the present challenge and go back to the home screen, your achievements are still well kept by the game system.
Color Tunnel has multiple exciting elements such as the moving obstacles, fast-paced gameplay, colourful game world, endless race and even more. All that you need to do is focusing on what you are getting to. Let’s make up your mind and get on with the amazing adventure of Color Tunnel now!

How to play:

  • Press the arrow buttons to move the camera view and turn to the expected directions.

Tips and tricks:

  1. If you pressing the arrow buttons continuously without noticing the surroundings, you will have to wrap up your game sooner than you expect.
  2. You need to focus on the upcoming obstacles, instead of waiting for them to come without preparing yourself to face the damages.

Color Tunnel Unblocked:

  1. With, you can experience Color Tunnel Unblocked in the most enjoyable way! Let’s see! unlocks you from the chain of your Internet service provider, as there is no place around the world blocks You can trust and pay attention to your gameplay only. Check up on now!