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Brain Teaser

Rating: 5.0

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Plays: 3.3k

About Brain Teaser:

Brain teaser is a fun and truly addictive casual game. Once you get into the strange and twisted game, you may know that something you see is not the answer to your question. The game will offer you a lot of questions for you to challenge your brain. Each time you pass a question, you will gain a new level. The higher level you earn, the more challenging question you have to answer. Plus, this question will be very twisted and hard to answer.

Once you read the question, such as what is the heaviest fruit? What is the highest thing, and so on? You may think that these questions are easy to answer. But in reality, the objects you choose may not right. This game requires you an excellent chance to think and find the answer in a short time. You have to think carefully before selecting the answer as the game is genuinely a twist.

You don’t need to type anything for the answers. The game will feature objects that you need to touch on it after finding the right answer. Sometimes, with a hard question, you can't think the right answer. That time, let me think about using the keys the game gives you. These keys will provide you with a reply. So, use it when you feel necessary.  

How to play:

  • Use LMB to interact with the objects

Tips and tricks:

  1. Don’t let the question fool you as the answer depends on the logic of questions
  2. You can watch the ads to collect more keys and use them when you need

Brain Teaser Unblocked:

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