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Zombie Hunter

Rating: 3.3

Votes: 3

Plays: 7.6k

About Zombie Hunter:

Zombie hunter is a cool tactics, platform, single, and shooter video game developed by QAIBO. One incident occurred and Tokyo City of Japan was full of zombies. In this game you are a soldier of a special force. You will alone fight the zombies in 25 levels of this game with your cannon.

You use the cannon to shoot the zombies. Once you kill all the zombies in the map, you complete the level. Note that after your bullet hits an object, it explodes in 3 seconds. Therefore, you need to be timing and firing at reasonable positions. After completing a level, you will have gold stars. The less bullets you use, the more stars you have.

As you enter high levels, zombies will appear in difficult locations and you must watch the map carefully, using the given objects to complete your mission. When the game starts, your score will decrease slowly, so you need to finish the level as fast as you can. Now, enter the game and save Tokyo. Good luck and have fun!

How to Play:             

  • Use the mouse to fire.

Tips and Tricks:     

  1.  At each level, you can use cannon and shoot unlimited.
  2. Your bullet can destroy the ice paths and the wood crates.

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