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Ninja Frog

Rating: 5.0

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Plays: 2.5k

About Ninja Frog:

You may know about the Japanese iconic Ninja. The covert agent of Japan has made his appearance in many different forms of art. Today, let’s join the journey of a Ninja frog in the game with the same name. Presented to you by Flashgame247, Ninja Frog is an addictive Puzzle game. The game is available to play on your web browser.

Ninja Frog tells the story about a Frog who works as a Ninja. Once upon a time, in the kingdom of Albion, lived a very happy prince whose name is Edward. Everything was going well. Edward’s cousin went to see the evil witch from the dark and convinced her to curse Edward. This evil witch turned Edward into a hideous Frog.

Edward was too ashamed for his new form and ran away from the castle. He boarded a merchant ship, determined to lose himself and never comeback. The ship sunk and the miserable prince was washed away in the distant land of Nippon-Koku. He was found half-dead on the shore by a wise man, who later gave him the name Kaeru and trained him to bea ninja. One day, a friend of the old man came by and told Kaeru about the magical stones that can turn him back to the original form. Kaeru went on the adventure to gather all the magical stones.

The game has 4 main stages including forbidden palace, Alhambra castle, Neuschwanstein castle and Witch cave. Each stage has a set of levels. You will need to control Ninja Frog to jump directly to the targeted position and earn coins. When you finish earning coins and the stage’s mission as well, you will need to make your way to the open door that is waiting for Ninja Frog. Good luck!

How to play:

  • Move the mouse to set direction and strength, click to jump.

Tips and tricks:

  1. In case you are tired of the long story in the intro, click skip to jump right into the game world.

Ninja Frog Unblocked:

  1. If you want to know more about Ninja Frog, come to and enjoy the Unblocked version of Ninja Frog.