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Rating: 7.9

Votes: 42

Plays: 27.2k

About Pacman:

Pacman is a web-based version of the legendary Pacman game (formerly played on NES devices). With all the pictures, sounds and game play exactly the same as the original version, this is really a game worth to experience.

You will control Pacman and try to eat all the yellow dots on the map before you are killed by the monsters. When you eat these dots, you will gain points.

Pacman's speed is a bit faster than monsters, but there are plenty of monsters in the map. If you do not move skillfully, you will be surrounded by monsters and killed for a few seconds.

The interesting feature in Pacman is that on the map there will be big dots. When eating them, Pacman will be able to kill monsters. In addition there will be fruits appear randomly on the map, when eating them you will get more points.

You will have 3 lives to complete this game. Do your best not to die.

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How To Play:

  • User arrow keys to control Pacman.

Tips and Tricks:

  1. Eating large dots at the right time will help you get out of dangerous situations.
  2. Take advantage of the short time when eating large dots to eat all the dots on the map.