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Penguin Diner 2

Rating: 8.0

Votes: 5

Plays: 3.8k

About Penguin Diner 2:

Penguin diner 2 is the sequel to this interesting management game. In this game you control a penguin. After a long sea voyage, the penguin finally back. While she was away, the standard of food was really bad. But ever-industrious penny sees this as an opportunity. She decides to start her own restaurant chain. But she could sure use a little help, are you ready for it?

Penguin Diner 2 has 4 maps: Terra Penguinia, Whale Bay, Bird Land and New Seal Land. At the start of the game, you will appear at Terra Penguinia and you need to make $70. When a customer appears, you need to click on him (or her), then click on a free table to seat your guest. When a customer is ready to order they will call you and you have to find out what dish they want by clicking on them.

When dishes are ready, a bell will ring and they will appear in the kitchen (bottom left corner of the game screen). When the client is done eating, you can pick up the tips and clean the table. With money, you can buy upgrades in the Shop. Penguin Diner 2 has many interesting upgrades and I will let you discover them by yourself. Note that Lovebird like being seated at tables with flowers, so look out for boy and girl couples. Good luck and have fun!

How to Play:              

  • Use mouse to control your penguin.

Tips and Tricks:       

  1. The better your chef: the quicker your food gets cooked.
  2. Penny can carry two items at once.
  3. The upgrades will make your guests feel comfier and earn your bigger tips.

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