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Grannys Mansion

Rating: 6.3

Votes: 16

Plays: 3.8k

About Grannys Mansion:

Granny's Mansion is a horror fps game. You will start the game in a dark and thrilling room. As if someone has locked you in this room and you have to make efforts to escape it. If you don't get out of there as fast as possible, you won't know what happens to you. The first thing you have to do is finding a flashlight. Because the dark covers surround you and you can’t see anything. Finding a flashlight to make everything a little brighter.

As you can't stay in this room for a long time, you should move around look for clues which are required to pass the subjects. The clues can be in the old closet or some corner of the house. Use these clues to make clear where the key is and find it to get out of that room. There are a lot of rooms in this house, not just one room you are in. Each room will have a distinct clue that brings you to the last answer.

The creepiest thing in that game is the bloody grandmother. Try not to be damaged by her.  All anything, only with a flashlight in a dangerous building and a sinister grandmother, do they make you scared? Can you survive and escape this horrible place? Play now and challenge your hardihood!

How to play:

  • Use WASD to Move
  • Use E to Action
  • Use F to Light
  • Use G to Camera
  • Use R to Restart
  • Use L to Lock mouse cursor

Tips and tricks:

  1. Play in full screen to have a great and full experience
  2. Find and use the flashlight to see everything brightly and help you seek the clues easily

Grannys Mansion Unblocked:

  1. is absolutely what you need for a horror game Grannys mansion Unblocked now and to have a thrilling experience.  Because this website provides free games, no block no disturb and brings you the most scared and most relaxing time ever. Play now and enjoy this awesome!