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Poop Clicker 3

Rating: 8.6

Votes: 7

Plays: 4.9k

About Poop Clicker 3:

Welcome to the lab of “Dr. Poop”, where you will spend most of your time collecting the product of the human digestive system. Are you interested in doing research sometimes? Well, in this Platform video game, you will have the chance to test your speed while trying to click on the screen. The main goal of Poop clicker 3 is collecting as many poops as you can.
As you can see, on the vertical game screen, there is a system, which is chained by the toilets. You will have to advance in the game until you reach the highest positioned toilet. Each toilet will give you a number of items that you can make per each click. Try to collect as many poops as you can and upgrade the toilet. The orbit of your work can be expanded.
You will start by collecting poop from a single toilet to a city’s toilets. The more poops you will be collecting, the more benefits you will earn. It seems like Poop Clicker 3 is way too unique when there are so many common video games out there. Who would not love to do something that the others do not? Let’s rock the game world of Poop Clicker 3 now.

How to play:

  • To start generating, press the left click button while pointing the mouse cursor at the poop.

Tips and tricks:

  1. The game gives you the chances to use the lucky wheel. Check up on it more to own the precious gifts you deserve.
  2. Try to upgrade your toilet as much as you can so you can get even more poops.

Poop Clicker 3 Unblocked:

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