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Boat Racing

Rating: 5.0

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About Boat Racing:

The Boat racing game gives you a new racing experience with fun and cute graphics and exciting sound. The gameplay is quite simple.

First, you choose the opponent to join the race available in the game or play with your friend. Then you start to control the ship to go left, right and straight.

You should collect as many rings as possible. Let launch the engine of your ship and compete in a fun boat race.

You should try to avoid obstacles on the track otherwise you will slow down your speed when competing with another racer.
You and your opponent will emulate to calculate the time and number of rings to see who the final winner at the finish line.

How to play:

  • In Boat Racing game, you can use the keyboard to control your boat on the waters.
  • Use X key to accelerate, Z key to move left, and C key to move right. At the same time, your friend can use these keys: K - accelerate, J - move left, L - move right.

Tips and tricks:

  • Both the rings you get and your racing time are calculated for your total score in the race.
  • The keys controlling the ship are quite responsive, so if you play for the first time, it can make your ship spinning without being able to move forward. Be careful!

Boat Racing Unblocked:

  1. When playing the Boat Racing game in the Freegames66 gaming site, you don’t need to unblock it, and even you are at schools or company where you cannot enjoy any game.
  2. It’s wonderful to have such a site like this, right?
    Now, are you ready to go online and join the boat race with your friend?