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Rating: 6.7

Votes: 3

Plays: 1.3k

About Fit:

Fit is an amazing arcade game which brings you the same experience as you are playing at an entertainment center with coin exchange. Now you can play it on your own computer or any other modern devices without time and space limits. This is a product of Bestgame company, challenging players to choose the right angular for the frame to fit the shape item well in 3D space.
You will start playing the game from level 1 to level 40 or more, respectively. Each level has a different number of points you have to get to pass to the next one. A variety of shapes together with 3D animation will surely catch your eyes every moment of the game.
Fit looks simple, just like a kids-puzzle and also suitable for the kids. However, it is really exciting and challenging for anyone to maintain high attention and accuracy to get a high score. Get real experience for this emotion and feeling!

How to play:

  • Click the Start button on the screen.
  • Choose level 1 for the first time playing.
  • Hold the left mouse button and drag the frame to the same angle with the item given.
  • Release the mouse so that the frame fits the item.    

Tips and tricks:

  1. Pay attention to the small while number of points below the number of levels to control your level.
  2. The points you get in a turn depend on the time you have taken, so shape it as quickly as possible and be accurate for the first direction.

Fit Unblocked:

  1. You can play Fit Unblocked immediately on, which has been recognized as a completely serious and safe website. And there is also video instruction if you have something unclear. Have fun!