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Kingdom Rush

Rating: 9.1

Votes: 117

Plays: 24.5k

About Kingdom Rush

Kingdom rush is a tower defense type game with many interesting features. In this game, your job is to build towers in order to defeat waves of enemies in each stage.

Starting out, you’re given 4 basic types of towers, each with its own ability and price, which you can only build at the strategy points and these towers can be upgraded by clearing stages to unlock the higher level towers. At the beginning of each stage, you’ll have a certain amount of health, if 1 enemy reaches the end then you’ll lose 1 hit point, and if you lose all your hit points then it’s game over. Each stage will also have multiple waves of enemies and the game will tell you the numbers of enemies in each wave as well as their characteristics. Rely on that information to construct the appropriate towers and cause the most damage possible to the enemy.

The basic types of towers in Kingdom Rush include :

  • Archer tower: archers ready to strike at enemies from a distance.
  • Barracks: trains militia, tough soldiers that block and damage enemies.
  • Mages: cast armor piercing bolts at enemies, ignoring any physical protection.
  • Dwarven bombard: ground enemies dealing area damage.

Something special about this game is that between each wave there’s a cooldown time, but you can call them out early, this lets you control the amount of time passed and helps you to distribute soldiers appropriately to make passing the stages easier. You can also unlock other interesting features such as being able to buy different types of troops and place them on the path to fight against the enemies. When clearing a stage, you’ll be given stars which you can use to upgrade the stats and traits of the towers as well as the support skills.

The game allows you to save locally on your computer or save online so that you can continue playing later. Also when playing online, you’ll be able to get premium content which include bonuses such as :

  • 3 extra stages : Ruins of Acaroth, Rotten Forest, Sarelgaz Lair
  • An extra spell : Lightning
  • +15 gold stars
  • Extra gold
  • +1 extra reinforcement
  • Costumes for reinforcements

If you have clear through all the stages in Kingdom Rush, don’t celebrate immediately as this is only the first installment of this tower defense game series. Continue your experience by playing the second game in the series titled “Kingdom Rush Frontiers” and discover even more new things in the game.

How To Play

Use the mouse to place the towers.

Tips and Tricks

  1. You can sell towers to build better ones at the desired location.
  2. See the traits of the enemies in each wave and build the appropriate towers.
  3. Use support skills such as dropping reinforcements and raining meteors whenever you can as those have cooldown times as well.